Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Thousand Sons

The Thousand Sons have been my army of choice now for many years. I used to be an avid Space Wolves player but as they haven't seen a new codex in many years they have been languishing on the shelf. When I decided to paint these Thousand Sons I decided to try something I had never before dared to do; use enamel paints. Enamel paints are thick, smelly, and a pain to work with. However, after I bought a nice ventilation fan to remove the smell of the paints and the paint thinner the effect of using Testors Artic Blue Mettalic enamel paint was well worth the painstaking efforts. The process of painting these Thousand Sons took me a year and a half. The large amount of time was due from having to study, sleep, work, go to school, date the wife, see family, sometimes i wouldn't touch the models for months. Yet the day finally came ,after inching along like a sick slug, that they were completed.

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Anonymous said...

Your a crack, man. What a miniatures!!
Greetings from Spain.