Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The Game of the Decade part 2

After the set-up at 9-10pm mountain time the game began. At around 6-7am the game ended with the Furious Orks of Churoc, Vlad's Valiant Dark Angels, and Buck's well crafted and Balanced (???) Wytch Elves winning the day.
The Thousand Sons were able to hold off the Dark Angels from securing the main objective but were also unable to secure it. Ptolelemy Vercengetrix, and Churoc (sometimes assited by Buck with a shot here and there) fought a massive and bloody battle in the jungles. However, the Squigoth proved to be the deciding factor of the battle as it delivered Churoc Faar and his Scarboyz into combat.
Another deciding factor of the game was the death of Vercengetrix's Chaplain who was slain in sillyness by a squig hound. Jayjay was able to withstand the charge of cheese thrown at him by Buck for 6 turns. Jayjay also was able to deliver a few valuable kills which hampered Vlads continuous attempts to secure the objective.
Buck charged his whole army at one player and naturally did well since that player was fighting two enemies while Buck was fighting only one. The Thousand Sons suffered greatly during the battle. I forgot that screamers moved 12'' not 6'' and that they could fly... a critical mistake. The Sorcerors of the Thousand Sons could also not land a blow in hand to hand combat the entire game and one of the Chosen of Ahriman also killed his entire squad by deep striking into a tank.
The Highlight of the game for the Thousand Sons was the absolute destruction of Vlads prized assault squad when 4 winds of chaos hit him and then 81 heavy bolter shots. Also the Fact that Nurgle and Tzeentch forces were allied and helping each other beat off the continous raining of terminators from Vlad ( he seemed to be deep striking 2 squads a turn).
All in all the game was very fun and it was great to hang out and see all of the lads. It was funny to see Churoc and Vercengetrix arguing again over the "rubber ruler" and to hear Bucks explanations on why the Dark Eldar are truly a glass sword army :) It was also great to see Ptolemy fighting by our sides and giving the greatest words of encouragement we heard the entire battle. Ptolemy's words of encouragement were, "I really hate playing this game, I do not know why I play it at all. I only really like to paint the miniatures" :) Seeing Vlad's army win for a change was also a draw dropper. Me and Jayjay had fun in our corner going over the rulebook each time it was out turn.
I wish we could do this more often...

Churoc charging across the jungle towards the trenches held by Vercengetrix.

Vlads doomed Assualt squad and Chaplain just seconds before the Winds of Chaos hit them.
The Thousand Sons move towards the heart of the city just prior to Vlads assault squad jumping over the building.
Another doomed Dark Angels squad just prior to the Nurgle and the Thousand Sons Winds of Chaos attack.
In the center of the Jungle near the huts a massive melle is brewing Bucks brave Dark Eldar can just be seen in the left corner. Ptolemy's orks are about to charge!

Ptolemy charges in...

The first attempt of my Lord to hit... and this trend continued the whole game for me and for Jayjay.
As seen from the top to the city's water tower... death!
The last footage of Vercengetrix's Chaplain prior to his death by a squig hound.
Tzeentch and Nurgle working together to stop Vlads attempt to secure the tower... In the distance behind the brave terminators you can just make out Bucks army :)

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