Tuesday, June 19, 2007

2006 Vacaction

Good evening everyone! I have been meaning to put these pictures up online, especially since many of my friends have never seen my wife. Two weeks before Christmas last year, me and the wife took a two week trip to California. We drove through New Mexico and the horrible snow storms that hit the Rockies. We stopped to tour Meteor Crater in Arizona, Spent three days in Las Vegas, and the rest of the Vactation we spent on the beach enjoying ourselves and visiting family.

Ahhh, the sands of my favorite beach --Newport--

Meteor Crater

Las Vegas as seen from the Eifel Tower

Newport or Huntington Beach

Disney Land after a long day of roller coasters

As you guessed, Universal Studios

Walking on Huntington Beach on our way to eat at Dukes

At Grandads 90th Birthday set-up.

Disney Land Again

Old One Leg who lives at Newport Beach

I Love the Beach

Huntington Beach Pier as seen from Highway 1 enroute to Newports Lobster havens

Huntington Pier Christmas Evening

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