Sunday, August 2, 2009

Pre-Heresy Stormbirds Courtesy of Burger King!

While doing my month end inventory I happened to glance over at the new G.I. Joe kids meal toys and instantly found what I had been dreaming of for weeks... a suitable looking base for an epic pre heresy stormbird. I purchased 10 of these for $10.00 a very good deal.

I will fill in the big gaps and screw holes and add more detail to these using plasticard. I will probabley increase the size of the rotatable wing engines as well to look more like the old epic picture. After that I will smooth down the edges where the two halves of the toy meet, paint it red, and then slap some pre heresy Thousand Sons iconography on them. After that I will have to come up with some rules unless anyone else has some already to go?

I love Burger King!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lets Play Epic on the computer!

I love the Bell of Lost Souls blog! It inspired me to do all of the pre heresy stuff I am doing currently. Today I saw an engine they had a link to that allows people to play Epic over the internet! this is good stuff.

Here is a screen shot of some terrain and units they have that I just threw on the board. It runs on something called a vassal engine. It is sweet non the less...

Pre Heresy EPIC Thousand Sons

Well after scouring through my friends epic collection and buying an old Epic Space Marine set, I have enough stuff to build a pre heresy Thousand Sons army. All the marines are the older style MK VI armour, the vehicles are old school, and I even found the old style dreadnolughts. It is going to be a fantastic army to see on the table... The pictures below show the assembled army so far... and this is only about half of what I have now! MWAhahahaaaaa!!!

There is actually two armies in Progress in this picture. The First is of course the Thousand Sons. The Second is the Burning Stars Titan Legion. I plan to find more Battle Titans, robots, Knight Titans, and Superheavies to complete the Burning Stars Titan Legion.

An overview shot of the army so far. In the front row you can see two Terminator detachments and Magnus the Red's personal unit in the center. In the Back is the Imperator Titan.

Four Tactical Detachments

Four Devastator Detachments

Old School Dreadnoughts with 4 assault units behind

Four Legio Ceybernetica Robot Maniples and Tech Priests.

Land Speeders at the foot of the Imperator Titan

Whirlwinds... and old enough model

A few knights for the Burning Stars Titan Legion

Monday, January 26, 2009

Pre Heresy Thousand Sons

Well... after along time away from my site alot has changed. I wanted to do an Imperial Fist pre heresy style army and made quite a bit of stuff up for it. However, I also wanted to do an Epic and BFG army for them as well.

Since I already Play Space Wolves and the Thousand Sons, adding yet another project into the mix seemed, in the end, to be a bad idea. Especially because I would like to get something completed. Having three armies to work on on all three game levels became to much of a hassle.

The stuff I have made up for the imperial fists will be easily converted into the Thousand Sons. I have a BFG fleet I can use to represent the earlier class ships, I have plenty of pre heresy epic style models, and as it turns out I have the same for the Space Wolves as well.

Thus, The Imperial Fist plans have been scratched... I am not to sad since I have been enthralled by the Thousand Sons and Space Wolves for years so this will be good me thinks.

Here is the first proto-type paint scheme for the Thousand Son's pre heresy era BFG fleet. All that is missing is the Thousand Sons insignia and the Scarab banner I will add to the antennas.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Pre - Heresy Dreadnought

I have changed my plans and will not be doing a Space Wolves Pre - Heresy Army. Instead, I will be creating a pre-heresy Imperial Fists army. I have not given up on the Space Wolves that are my favorite army. But as their rules will not be updated for another year and a half I will not waste time making stuff that will likely be redundant in the next Codex.

Thus, onward to the Imperial Fists. During the Great Crusade the use of Dreadnoughts was limited due to their not being really that many mortally wounded heroes laying around to stick into dreadnoughts. For some reason you had to be really cool to be kept alive in an armoured hospital gurney.

Anyway, here is the start of what will be an Iron Clad Dreadnought for the Pre-Heresy Imperial Fists.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Mark II Crusader Armour... Work in Progress.

The Next Phase in the Pre Heresy Modeling Project.... Mark II Crusader Armour. I really like how this one has turned out and is so far my second favorite, next to the Justaerian Terminator. I will put more pictures up later of the finished suit and the redone Mark IV and V suits.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Rivets are cool.

I went and purchased a 1/16th inch hole punch from Hobby Lobby's scrapbook section. This little hole punch has already been employed in making hundreds of tiny rivets for my marine army :0

Here is a picture of the Justaerian Terminator again, but now with rivets!!! Huzaah!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mark III Iron Armour for the Pre-Heresy Project

Here are some pictures of the Mark III Iron Armour Suit I have been working on for the last two days. Overall I am pleased and cant wait to get the hole punch I need to start putting rivets on all the pre heresy projects. Tomorrow I will be starting the Mark II Crusader Suit... Hopefully I can find some more Kneadatite since the Crusader suit needs alot of attention...