Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The Game of the Decade part 1

This is the pictoral accounting of the gathering of the Provo Boy's for the Game of the Decade! I think the last time we were all in the same state at one time was over 8 years ago. So let us begin the story.

Here is the last frantic moments of painting before the big game. My army was 99% done for the game and never became 100% due to the two models being characters. However, they were playable. Churoc (on the left) has already painted his entire Ork army and is happily painting terrain for the game. Vercengetrix (on the phone) is trying, oh so trying to paint the bolters for his marines. Alas, they were not completed and his army took to the field without any guns.

Setting-up for the game. Churoc is pulling out his massive hoard as Jayjay (who hasn't played in 12 years) trys to make sense of the Nurgle Army list that Churoc has just handed him. Yes the list was made by Churoc and he was on the other side. To that I say Hmmmmmn very very interesting :)

Vercengetrix (blue shirt) sets up his armless warriors while Churoc seems to be moving terrain to suit his army better... You have been cought in the act sir! Explain yourself! the bottom of the shot is the beginning of Ptolemy's Ork Mob.

Upon closer examination it seems that some of Vercengetrix's warriors do indeed have arms... and guns... who would have thought it possible?

The other side of Ptolemy's Ork Mob.

Jayjay's Nurgle army set-up and advancing towards Alexanders Dark Angel Scouts. Ptolemy is advancing upon the arch coward and heretic Buck who is pleading with Churoc for some aid :)

The Thousand Sons position themselves in the City and prepare to fight for the Dark God Tzeentch. Fear then for they are awsome!
Here Churoc presents his army..., and..., wait..., Hold on a sec..., Churoc what is that huge massive snarling creature? He calmly explains that it is a Squigoth and it is going to kill everything on the table so we might as well just end the game now and watch a movie :) In the far far far right corner you can barely see Buck's Dark Eldar hiding behind a building pleading yet again for aid :)

A closer view of Churoc's wonder weapon. It is ver impressive and was a present from Churocs wife who hired a sculptor to make the whole thing, including the howdah, so that Churoc could win all the time :)
Vlad (Alexander) sets up his Dark Angels facing the Thousand Sons. He Brings many many warriors.

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