Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pre Heresy EPIC Thousand Sons

Well after scouring through my friends epic collection and buying an old Epic Space Marine set, I have enough stuff to build a pre heresy Thousand Sons army. All the marines are the older style MK VI armour, the vehicles are old school, and I even found the old style dreadnolughts. It is going to be a fantastic army to see on the table... The pictures below show the assembled army so far... and this is only about half of what I have now! MWAhahahaaaaa!!!

There is actually two armies in Progress in this picture. The First is of course the Thousand Sons. The Second is the Burning Stars Titan Legion. I plan to find more Battle Titans, robots, Knight Titans, and Superheavies to complete the Burning Stars Titan Legion.

An overview shot of the army so far. In the front row you can see two Terminator detachments and Magnus the Red's personal unit in the center. In the Back is the Imperator Titan.

Four Tactical Detachments

Four Devastator Detachments

Old School Dreadnoughts with 4 assault units behind

Four Legio Ceybernetica Robot Maniples and Tech Priests.

Land Speeders at the foot of the Imperator Titan

Whirlwinds... and old enough model

A few knights for the Burning Stars Titan Legion

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