Monday, January 26, 2009

Pre Heresy Thousand Sons

Well... after along time away from my site alot has changed. I wanted to do an Imperial Fist pre heresy style army and made quite a bit of stuff up for it. However, I also wanted to do an Epic and BFG army for them as well.

Since I already Play Space Wolves and the Thousand Sons, adding yet another project into the mix seemed, in the end, to be a bad idea. Especially because I would like to get something completed. Having three armies to work on on all three game levels became to much of a hassle.

The stuff I have made up for the imperial fists will be easily converted into the Thousand Sons. I have a BFG fleet I can use to represent the earlier class ships, I have plenty of pre heresy epic style models, and as it turns out I have the same for the Space Wolves as well.

Thus, The Imperial Fist plans have been scratched... I am not to sad since I have been enthralled by the Thousand Sons and Space Wolves for years so this will be good me thinks.

Here is the first proto-type paint scheme for the Thousand Son's pre heresy era BFG fleet. All that is missing is the Thousand Sons insignia and the Scarab banner I will add to the antennas.

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