Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Justaerian Terminator Update

After a few weeks of settling in and unpacking I finally decided to pull out the pre heresy stuff and finish it. I have searched far and wide to gather the needed armour types and vehicle designs.

I have made mark 4-6 armour and have the plans to make mark 1-3. I have jetbikes, an old land speeder or two, and have plasticard plans, from a Yahoo site, for a mark one Land Raider and all rhino hull tanks. All that is missing at the moment is an old dreadnought and some robots, these I will have to scratch build.

Before we moved from our beloved Texas to Utah I was working on a Justearian Terminator squad. Last nigght I decided to pull out the Terminators and finish them. The latest simple conversion was taking two old style bolters and constructing a combi bolter. I am pretty pleased with the gun since it lacks the sleak look of the new storm bolter.

The next step will be to all some rivets to the armour, make the studded roman leather strips which will hang from the waist and from the shoulder guards, and make the tassle flowing on the top. Below is a picture of the new combi bolter conversion as well as a picture of the Justearian Terminator look I am shooting for.

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