Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Battlefleet Gothic: Orks vs Thousand Sons... One Point Slug Fest Victory!

The last BFG game me and Churoc played resulted in an ork victory. However, the Thousand Sons came back and scraped out a very narrow victory against the rampaging fleet of Churoc Faar.

With the outcome uncertain for both fleets late in the game, the Thousand Sons managed to get behind the Ork fleet and forced them to withdraw. After calculating Vp's the Orks actually won the game by one victory point. However, the Orks lost the game in the campaing sense of things since they left the zone to be controlled by the Thousand Sons.

If Churoc Faar would have stuck around for a few more turns her would have lost a great portion of his fleet to the prow lances of the Thousand Sons...

Tomorrow... the rematch!