Monday, June 30, 2008

Thousand Sons vs. Dark Eldar... A massacre in the making

I had a chance to play another old friend of mine while waiting for my wife to come up to Utah. Buck and I haven't played a game since the battle of the "Wall that wasn't there and where did we get those smoke grenades from!"

I decided to run my Thousand Sons against Buck's Infamous, if you ask Vercegetrix that is, tournement armies, his Dark Eldar Wytch force, his Tyranids, or his Necorns. Buck wanted to test out one of his recent lists for a tournament he was taking part in the next day. He would not tell me which force he was planning to bring as this would be unfair to him.

I Arrived at Bucks home full of hope and cheer. At this point Buck rolled a dice to see which army he would field against mine. he rolled a 2 which meant that he would bring his Dark Eldar Wytch army.

Having never played against the Dark Eldar, let alone the nasty Wytches, I was a little bit concerned how well I might do againt it, Especially since I was bringing Thousand Sons...

We set up the terrain tournement style, which means there was hardly any terrian on the board, especially if you compare it with the battle against the orks below.

The battle was seize and secure Omega style, which meant that the first turn passed with the birds happily chirping since we both had nothing to set up on the table. On turn two Buck brought on some Raiders full of troops but had nothing to shoot at. My turn two wnet the same. Turn three saw most of Bucks army arrive while most of mine still lingered elswhere, yet I advanced up the field with what I had downed some raiders, and secured the central objective.

Turn four was the critical turn in the game. Buck hurt me a great deal with the dark lance dance and then charged the lone Thousand Sons squad holding the central objective. The Thousand Sons unit held its ground againts 20 Wytches and some nasty Wytch chica. My turn four doomed the Dark Eldar to eternal disgrace.

The Thousand Sons holding the center were joined by another TS unit two deamon princes and a slew of daemons. My greater daemon finally showed with the raptors, and adding insult to injury the oblitorators alongside the left flank Thousand Sons downed many many Raiders. The poor Wytches in the center were being popped into spawn by the sorcerors and the daemon princes... and then Buck could take no more.... He quietly conceeded the match as a massacre.

On a happier note for Buck his Dark Eldar force one the tounement the next day :)

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