Monday, June 30, 2008

Chaos vs. Ork... Apocalypse

About two months have passed since me and my wife moved to Utah. While I was awaiting my wifes arrival I had the opportunity to stay with my old friend Churoc. One night we decided to try out the new Apocalypse rules. I ran a mixed Chaos force against his mighty Ork Horde.

The first three turns were dominated by the Chaos legions until the realization that I did not have an answer for the Ubber Stompa. The rest of the game was spent trying to hold on tenaciously to the objectives I held.

Unfortunatley if you are going to play Apocalypse, and your facing a super heavy, well you better bring one yourself :) It was a exciting game and the highlights for my army were the Thousand Son's deploying into the center of the Ork Horde via Drop pod, having the screamers decimate tanks, and the lone Thousand Sons Sorceror who held out for three turns in Hand to Hand combat with three killer cans, the Ubber Stompa, and killing two of the cans before meeting his demise...

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