Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Turn Sequence and How to Play Cyberboard Files Updated

I have updated the "How to Play Cyberboard File" and the "BFG Turn Sequence" and will soon revamp Battlefleet Gothic Gamebox v2 to include better rulers, pop up messages for heavy gunz/ bombardment cannon hit markers, and an updated version of the turn sequence.

The BFG Turn Sequence is now:

1. DAMAGE CONTROL. – Chance to Brace for Impact (Same bonuses and negatives and LD modifiers) and to resolve hits taken during opponents shooting and ordinance phases (Remember to roll for criticals). If bracing was successful then they will be on Brace the entire turn.

2. CARRY OVER EVENTS – Complete Enemies Boarding Actions (since the fate of some ships could not be determined), Teleport Attacks, and Critical Damage Repair (since you would have had a chance during your opponents end phase). In this order always.
· Boarding and Teleports attacks.
· Critical Damage Repair.

3. MOVE/RESOLVE OLD ORDINANCE – Move preexisting ordinance owned by player.

4. MOVEMENT – Special Orders First, Move and Resolve any Ordinance Attacks.

5. SHOOTING – Only Shoot Weapons Batteries and Lances. Place “Hits Taken During Turn” markers on hit ships. Do not resolve critical or catastrophic damage here (your opponent completes this during DAMAGE CONTROL).

6. MOVE/RESOLVE NEW ORDINANCE – Conduct new ordinance movement and attacks.

7. END PHASE – Critical Damage Repair (normal chance to do so) and Blast Marker Removal.

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