Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Battlefleet Gothic For Cyberboard Is Finally Complete!!

After months of sitting in front of a computer and drawing gaming pieces pixel by pixel, Battlefleet Gothic is finally ready to play via email. I have worked out many of the kinks and jinks myself, but I am sure we will find a few more as we play test it.

To download the necessary files needed to play Battlefleet Gothic simply look to the right side of my blog and look for the list entitled "Cyberboard". There you will find the Player, Designer, Help Files, Gameboxes, Demos, and Scenarios.

Before you download the files, create a file on your desktop or my documents and call it something you will remember. I call my file for cyberboard, "Cyberboard"... simple eh.

The links will take you to a site called Gigasize where you will have to download the file by entering in a three digit security code. The code and download button are on the right side of the screen. After entering in the code a countdown will begin while the file is prepared to be downloaded. During this time you may or may not be advertized to by Gigasize, if so simply decline and skip the offers. This will only take about 35 seconds. After which the file is ready to download so you will click the download button and save it to your computer and into your cyberboard folder.

To see the gamebox open the designe and then open the gamebox. Choosing the gamebox first often times brings up an annoying choose program window. When closing these files never choose to save changes unless you are the designer.

To run the Demo and Scenario files open the Player and then open the desired Demo or scenario file. (word for the wise... never change or save over what you have downloaded. Doing so makes your files different then the others and then you will not be able to play. When closing these files never choose to save changes unless you are the designer or are actually playing a game.

A while back I posted a screen shot of what the game basically looks like on wigan wargames... click the link to see the post..


Now I will finish up Warmaster, and Epic... then I can move onto 40k and Fantasy.

See y'all later...

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