Friday, September 21, 2007

Horus Heresy Era Look for the Space Wolves Shadow Company

In celebration of the divine set of rules found at the Bell of Lost Souls blog the Space Wolves army I am putting together will be a pre heresy Space Wolves army. Although I would love to get my hands on some Iron Armour or Maximus Armour to kit out my army I will gladly settle for an army full of MK VI Corvus Space Marine Armour... aka Beakie Armour.

To get the right look for the MK VI Corvus Armour three the following things must be done. First, you gotta have beakie helmets... check, yup I have these in abundance. Second, you need the proper legs and torso components... check. Finally, you need one smooth shoulder pad and one studded shoulder pad... I do not have these, until now :)

Below are the eight, yes only eight, Heresy shoulder pads I have made for the Space Wolf Army. I took very small flat sided crystals and glued them to the shoulder pads. When they are painted they will look very awesome I am sure.


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